Date: 18/04/2019. Good Afternoon!
Welcome to Jirel ICT Firm   ...providing excellent service.

At Jirel ICT Solutions, we make use of appropriate project management methodologies to make your website worthwhile.

Our mission is to use technology to deliver innovative solutions that cut across all sectors.

Our focus is to make a difference in the world by providing excellent services

Our team is made up of the following categories of profesionals
  • Project Management Professional.
  • Professional Website Programmer.
  • Professional Website Designer.
  • Professional Graphic Designer.
  • Quality Assurance and Control Manager.
  • Professional writers.
 Project Management Professionals
>>  Our Project Management Professional is responsible for incorporating the use of project management methodologies to determine the performance, time, scope and cost of a web project.
Professional Website Programmer
>>   Our Professional Website Programmers are responsible for developing excellent and dynamic web applications.
 Professional Website Designer.
>>  Our Professional Website Designers are responsible for creating standard, modern and high-quality website.

  Professional writers.
>>  Our award-winning writers are responsible for providing good and quality website contents and articles. They help to ensure proper organization and presentation of website content.
Professional Graphic Designer.
>>   Our Professional Graphic Designers are responsible for designing excellent website banners and images as well as logo for small, medium and corporate enterprises.
 Quality Assurance and Control.
>>  Our Quality Assurance and Control Manager is responsible for ensuring good quality of the website projects by proper testing for quality; and also ensures that the requirements of the clients are met and optimum satisfaction of the clients are achieved.